I hover around the genre of fantasy a lot, as that is what I have been exposed to for most of my life. I enjoy the aspect of creativity that cannot be found in encyclopedias or corrected by smarty-know-it-alls.

J.R.R. Tolkien played a massive role in my fascination with non-fiction. I enjoyed not only his make-believe text-weaving, but also his gritty, realistic details. The combination of both realism and fantasy makes the story all the more intriguing and enjoyable.

The Aspiring Paladin
Follow the journey of Loraline as she goes from zero to hero; based in a medieval-fantasy universe.

Loraline is a character I have worked on for eight years now. I will steadily release short stories on her adventures and progress through time. Originally, I made her as a stress-release. Due to my easily-prone anxiety, it felt nice to come home and write about this curious youngster whom’s only desire was to be admired and respected. I suppose I could see a bit of myself in her, or at least a part of me that wanted to be her when I was younger.

I released her into the role-play community fairly early on to really get a good feel of how she would be accepted and react to certain situations. I found it really helped me shape her. She received excellent feedback from peers and other role-players, which gave me great confidence. I feel almost ready to write a full novel on her journey, but I will continue with short stories to get more comfortable.

We all have that one friend which is simply -too- obsessed with something. Frank is one of those people which you certainly want to observe from a distance… and nothing more. This is based in a modern setting, just to prove I’m not all up in the clouds with Elves and Orcs!!!

I originally started ‘Frank’ up as a school project, but I admittedly started to fall in love with the amount of details I could write about him. I love the nitty-gritty, skin-crawling, nail-biting, eye-squinting, bile-forming descriptions that can be drawn out of just a few seconds of audience with this very un-flattering guy.

Personally, I love to write short comedies that poke at the ‘hip’ or ‘fangirl/boy’ communities. It’s not that I don’t have interests myself, but I always found exaggerations to be extremely fun to read- especially with a comedy-twist.