Topic 1: Motivation

Throughout my entire life I have been horrifically cursed with lack of motivation. Whether it is for art, writing, homework, or even socializing.

Through trial and error, I have come up with a few ways to generate motivation!


Clean your environment!

– If there is one thing I know for sure, it is that clutter creates stress. (Unless you are a hoarder!) Having a neat desk and a tidy room makes me think of a clean slate. It is not only refreshing, but makes me feel good about myself.
– Bonus: Cleaning your computer desktop, favourites bar, and various other menus can help you feel less claustrophobic. I find that the constant search-around with my mouse can almost be just as stressful as having clutter on my desk.

Get rid of anxious thoughts!

– Worried about someone/something? Don’t know if you’ll make a deadline on time? Stop! Take some time just to freeze in place and brainstorm your solutions. You may have more time than you actually think to solve a problem, especially if it is to do with another Human being. Bad choices come from rushed decisions.
– Use your creative time as a chance to escape the real world, think of only your craft and nothing more. Think of it as a safe-haven. In your new state of mind, nobody can touch you. Allow this serenity to channel your creativity and motivation combined.

Nourish yourself appropriately!

– I love food; food is my comfort. A good way to feel motivated and ‘ready to go!’ is to know that your body does not need to be fed or watered. It is something that you do not need to satisfy or quench any time soon. Think of it as something you have checked off your check list.
– Good grub or a delicious smoothie can really help you feel good about yourself, and generally happy! Eating should always be a pleasant experience.

Exercise (Ew!!!)

– Probably the least popular thing to do, (and even I struggle to keep up with it at times), but going to the gym, working out at home, or even downloading an app to keep your exercising daily -really- helps you feel good about yourself.
– When I first got into routine at the gym each morning, I felt not only like an adult, but I felt like someone who really cares about -me-. I was making my body healthier and making good decisions, which ultimately helped in increasing my motivation.

Gear up!

– When working on art or literature, wearing comfy clothes is a MUST. Throughout my life, I was very self conscious about my appearance, so just throwing on a comfy hoodie really made me just forget what was below my neck. Wear something that makes you feel comfortable.
– Make sure your outfits are fit to a point where you aren’t constantly fidgeting with them either! Pulling up your pants and adjusting your shirt can really pile the stress on over time. ESPECIALLY don’t wear something which you feel the need to constantly suck your tummy in.

Get gabbin’

– There is psychological and scientific evidence out there that proves Humans release stress through ranting and talking about their dilemma. Be it a concern, a worry, an experience, or even something that excites you- tell someone about it! It’s good to feel like you are being heard, because ultimately, you can feel confident to take it further!
– Just make sure you pick someone appropriate to talk to. A few people to consider are:
1. Family
2. Friends
3. School Councillors
4. Elders
5. Bloggers!!! (Reach out to them, you never know who’ll reply!) HINT HINT
– And so on!

Love yourself

– I know this is the corniest one, but it’s the only one out of the previous that you really can’t not do.
– If you don’t believe you can do something, then you won’t be able to give it your whole.
– Take a positive approach, and don’t be afraid to fail.
– Treat yourself with respect and dignity: and see what wonders you are capable of.
– Be mature enough to accept criticism and learn from it rather than feel defensive and inadequate.
– Improve yourself, become stronger, aim high, learn tolerance, and learn patience. There’s a lot of time left in this world, don’t think you have to accomplish everything all at once.

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