From a young age I have always been fascinated in visual arts. Having something to feel proud of (crafted by your hands) is a feeling that is quite hard to fabricate.

It took me a while to find out what my chosen media was. In fact, I was nearly an adult when I figured it out.

At first, the very feel of chalk was enough to make me wretch and cringe. I hated the way it felt on my fingertips and under my nails. But paired with some music; rubbing the chalk into the paper became almost like therapy after a stressful day. This is my most dependable work so far, and I have been doing it since 2012.

This started in High School, around the same time as my chalk discovery. I had a really amazing teacher, which knew -just- how to motivate any student. Well… I say any student, but it was High School, so maybe three or four actually took this class seriously. I do clay work at home now, and prioritize fantasy. Practicing since 2012.

Digital- With my Mouse

My newest and trickiest form of art! I do not have a tablet, so believe it or not, these are drawn by my mouse and extreme patience. They are not as fun as traditional art to make, but I do feel very good about them afterward- especially since I have only been doing this since January 2016. There is a lot of room to grow!

Digital- With my iPad
I finally decided to get a drawing tablet December 2016, and I have been able to do better commission work ever since! Improving each day; I absolutely love this technology!


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