The Year Everything Changed

Summer of the year 4589, New York Version 8.3.4-

“I remember it like it was yesterday (shameless cliché). Blissful nothing; all that could be heard was the gentle hum of the hover lounges before it happened. Everything came to a screeching halt; one moment we were all in the cyber-grid, then suddenly, offline. Usually we would rely on the back-up magnets which would gently lower us all back to the ground, but it was as if everything had stopped working all together. Every single one of us was thrown to the ground in a most unflattering way. People scrambled to try and boot up their vehicles again, treating it like the end of the world. Even though the vitamins we took every day made our bodies healthy, we all stumbled about like early-development robotic prototypes with faulty motor mechanics. Without our gadgets telling us what day of the week it was, time just seemed to spill on and on. I’ve never had so much fun in my life; met a great girl that liked to listen to books about dancing. After we’d gotten the walking-thing figured out, I told her we should try it some time. History class was never a strong subject of mine back in school, but I’ve seen a movie or two about how the Mid-Humans used to sway. We never got around to it though; it’s hard to find a shoe-maker in this modern age, and I don’t have a fortune to spend. When the power came back on, although we all made promises to each other that we wouldn’t get back on the hover lounges, we all lied. The convenience and comfort was just too good to resist.”

-As spoken by a Human awaiting maintenance on his hover lounge; of course, nobody was listening to respond, however.


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