My Mattress

Writing Practice!
Prompt provided by a friend.


It’s such a minuscule thing that we overlook… mattresses. I didn’t notice their potential until I switched from a cheap one to a slightly more expensive brand. Before, I used to toss and turn at night, finding it impossible to fall asleep, but now I am out like the flip of a switch. Springs stuck out at awkward angles in my old bed. I could feel each and every little gear under the thin fabric straining as I lay upon it. Sometimes if I moved in the night, it would make a very typical ‘boiyoing!’ sound and wake me up out of random. It was stiff and uncomfortable, anyone else whom slept in it complained that they never wanted to ever again. Imagine throwing a sheet over a crocodile’s back, that was about as comfortable as it got. Times changed however, it was certainly time for an upgrade. My new mattress feels like a cloud when I lay upon it. Instead of laying as stiff as a board, I am now comfortably lounging on cushions of delicate feathers. I can’t feel a single spring, that was the most significant thing about the change. I didn’t realize how comfortable beds could get. My mood has improved in the mornings, and my eagerness to go to bed has increased. Alas, every time I go to work, I am faced with the awkwardness of staring my old mattress dead in the springs when I pass it in the garage… it shall not be missed.


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