Homemade Prompt!
“Describe your most favourite weather.”


I’ve had a ridiculous case of ‘overly-European-skin’ my entire life. Meaning I only have two shades of colour: pale, and red. I would love to enjoy the beach, skipping under the summer sun in a bikini, but it wouldn’t be worth it to spend the following month as a recluse lobster. Over years of conditioning, I have found that my most favourite type of weather is overcast. The temperature outside is moderately warm, but with a cool breeze. There is no sun to blind me, so I can keep my eyes as wide-open as I desire; my sight is in it’s prime state. I can get away with wearing shorts, or maybe even a skirt, and not suffer the goosebumps that come with the chill of a passing gust of wind. I am content… comfortable. If I want, I can put a jacket on; I will not swelter. My hair can either be up or down, it will not matter, for it will not make me feel hot and bothered. When I am indoors, I would like to hear the soft rumble of thunder, but let there be no crackles or flashes of lightning to cause me to gasp. The heavens are a tribal orchestra; the crescendo of thumping clouds and the andante pitter-patter of loud raindrops perform their chorus upon my windows. May my room be made chilly from the cold water as it lowers the temperature of the little space in which I sit, but allow my blankets to enhance the experience with their ever-warming embrace. I want to turn off all electronics; all man-made, synthetic, un-natural noises must cease.
…This is comfort at it’s finest for me.


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