A new professor came into my Creative Writing classroom today and gave the following prompt:

“Combine a profession and quirk, build off of it!”

This was a silly little exercise to practice quirky characters and development, I have no plans on expanding this in the future.


Vigilante + Pours coffee on flowers.

Monday… if ever there was a day to hate more, there wasn’t. In the bustling city of Chicago, there was no doubt that the collective mood of the citizens made Mondays all the more worse. Cars beeped endlessly at exactly 8am on the dot, trying to make their ways two blocks down the road by 9am (which was plausibly impossible sometimes.) The sidewalks were filled with children in backpacks, making their ways to school in the most sluggish of manners. Even the birds sat on the telephone wires seemed irritable and far too exhausted to wake up for their 9 to 5 job of defecating on vehicles below them.

Everything was going so lazily… but not for one man. He was the man Chicago didn’t want… and he was also the man that Chicago didn’t need. Mochaman was his name. Five years ago he was all the rage to take pictures of, dressed up in his Vigilante-Superhero getup… but now… now he was just the bane of all Mondays.

People made an effort to cover their flowers with plastic sheets or boxes every Sunday night, just to avoid his weekly ritual of ‘watering’ them. Watering? What was so wrong with that? One might ask. The water… was coffee.


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