Try This 1.6

From ‘Imaginative Writing’ by Janet Burroway (4th Edition):

Try this 1.6:
“Choose a cross-genre form that attracts you, and write about it.”


Video Essays

As soon as I read this suggestion, I immediately thought of my boyfriend. Recently he had to explain something in sign language, (Obviously you can’t write that) so he had to record himself doing all of the signs. I was trying not to watch him, because I didn’t want to throw him off, but it was so interesting watching what could be an essay- interpreted with sign language. It gave me a new appreciation for words, knowing that they also have a physical representation as well as an oral one.

I wish I could get someone to sign back all of my essays to me. I think it would add a whole new level of interesting to them which people don’t typically get to see.


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