Try This 1.3

From ‘Imaginative Writing’ by Janet Burroway (4th Edition):

Try this 1.3
“Take a notebook with you to any public place and make a list of the proper names you find there.”
E.g- Museum / Lavatory / Pavilion / Main Hall / Reception Desk
“Write a paragraph of anything at all that these names or one of them suggests to you.”


When I think of pavilion, I think of a very romantic scene. The sound of the word itself rolls off of the tongue in a most comfortable and delicate manner. I see a very lavishly decorated circular pavilion with classical stone ornaments and tables spread out evenly here and there. Chaise-lounges and little puff chairs dot around the area, sparing plenty room to sit, and plenty variety at that. I envision women in long, silk dresses leisurely sitting around, fanning themselves, or admiring the surrounding gardens in a typically Renaissance fashion. All colours would be pastel or faded, making the scene feel like something from old Florentine times, just waiting to be replicated on a canvas with oily paints.


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