Try This 1.2

From ‘Imaginative Writing’ by Janet Burroway (4th Edition):

Try this 1.2
“Write a list, then pick a single word to write a paragraph about.”


– Trust
– Honour
– Dignity
– Kindness
– Happiness
– Gratefulness
– Justice

Justice can fall under a lot of categories. I feel generally uncomfortable if a situation or decision is unjust. If one party is favoured over the other, I will want to go out of my way to firstly find out why, but also figure out how to fix it. Injustice sprouts from greed, most definitely. To me, justice can come from solving a situation to a point where all sides are on an equal/fair level, or, it can be giving someone something to make them no longer feel mistreated in a particular event: be it morally or physically. I once did an art piece for someone, though I wasn’t happy with it myself. They liked it, but I felt unbalanced making them pay for the artwork. In order to feel justice was done, and to make me feel better about myself, I gave the art piece away for free. Making someone pay for something I wasn’t proud of, felt like injustice to me. Justice universally causes people to feel they are treated well, and have been respected for the person they exist as. This is my view.


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