Happy International Woman’s Day!

I’ve never done this before! But I am going to try and catch this wave!

Here’s a sarcastic poem for the chuckles! It’s silly and quick, but I felt like writing it anyway!


What I love about being a woman

Do I like being a woman?
There’s so much to enjoy.
Allow me to enlighten you,
You’ll wish you weren’t a boy.

Now, some of you will disagree,
until your face is blue.
I know most of you will relate,
This is my point of view.

In public we have decency,
truly, rather dashing.
With powdered nose and dapper clothes,
rosy cheeks a-blushing.

You’ll never believe opposite,
though honestly it’s true.
We all want to be princesses,
despite the things we do.

Men think we have tiny stomachs,
they think it’s rather cute.
But when we’re out with the girls,
Our mouths are a food-chute.

Contrast to what’s said on the net,
the slander young boys pitch.
We can make a whole lot more,
than just a damn sandwich.

Did you know we are magical?
It is a trick of ours.
When we’re told we have five minutes,
It turns into five hours!

Oh, we love to drive in our cars,
watch how fast we will go.
Cars move to get out of our ways,
and beep to say “Hello!”

We do not have to watch T.V,
our lives are a screenplay.
It doesn’t matter where we go,
drama comes anyway.

That’s only scratching the surface,
the list is never done.
Honestly, we have a good time,
and a whole lot of fun.



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