Ballad for a Hipster

(Me as Adam Ant!)
(70s/80s fans….. anyone!?)
This was the hipstery-est thing I could find… I am yet to figure out how to actually get better pictures for this!!! So this’ll do for now!

Ugh- Each day is such a struggle,
from clothes to what I eat.
I do not know what to do with,
these standards I must meet.

When I wake up in the morning,
I just cannot decide.
Do I step out on the left or
*sigh*, the mainstream right side?

Choosing breakfast isn’t easy,
it isn’t fun for me.
Do I gorge myself on corn flakes?
Or go for gluten free?

I really have no clothes to wear,
that show my inner means.
I am reckless cool and edgy,
I’ll wear my ripped up jeans.

I have to check my Facebook page,
Ugh, my friends are the worst.
They keep talking about Deadpool,
Really? I was the first.

Oh my god, there’s the boy I like,
I’ve stalked his Instagram.
I know everything about him,
For breakfast: he had ham.

But I can’t let him know I know,
that simply isn’t me.
Besides, it is far too common,
that sexuality.

I’m pansexual, pangender,
pan-species, pan-knowing.
Pan-emotional, pan-healthy,
pan-trendy, pan-winning.

I don’t appreciate most posts,
on the web, and so hence:
I’ll come up with a drawn-out way,
to show I take offence.

You just don’t get my first world life,
the price I have to pay.
I’m with the new generation,
Stop being old, okay?


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